Friday, May 07, 2010

unleash hell...

...and thus begins the cage match battle to the death voting! All results are completely unbiased, scientifically calculated, and 100% fool proof.*

*All unbiased, scientifically calculated, and 100% fool proof votes are determined using an impossible mathematical equation and tallied by a group of randomly selected lab chimps. Results may vary. Accuracy not guaranteed.

May the best blogs truly prevail and the losers skulk off in shame!

Best Blog By A Religious
Fr. Erik, Orthometer
A Friar Minor
Fr. Acervo's Corner
Fr. Longenecker, Standing on My Head
Fr. Cory, Laudet Dominum
Fr. Gonzales, Overheard in the Sacristy
Sacra Domus Nazarena
Deacon Scott Dodge
Fr. V, Adam's Ale
Ask Sister Mary Martha
Cardinal Sean's Blog
Sponsa Christi
Hell Burns
Archbishop Terrance Prendergast
Vultus Christi
Fr. Ray Blake, St. Mary Magdalen
Whosoever Desires
Hermeneutic of Continuity
Abbot Cuthbert Johnson
Fr. Hunwicke's Liturgical Notes
Fr. Speekman's Homilies Reflections free polls

Best Political Blog
The Anchoress
Creative Minority Report
Dad 29
A Conservative Blog for Peace of Mind
Adrienne's Catholic Corner
Thought Actioneire
The Paragraph Farmer
A Catholic View
Anna Arco's Diary
Of Mind and Spirit free polls

More Catholic Than The Pope
Cleansing Fire
Rockin' Traddy
The Recovering Choir Director
Angels Defend Us
Argent By The Tiber
New Liturgical Movement
Hermeneutic of Continuity free polls

Best Blog By A Heretic
Toward a Progressive Catholic Church
Fr. Jake Stops the World
Brandywine Books
Ad Dominum free polls

Best Armchair Theologian
Cleansing Fire
Adoro Te Devote
Theological Musing from an Amateur
Q at The Q Continuum
Abbey Roads
B-Movie Catechism
Where Angels Go
Unam Sanctam Catholicam free polls

Best Under Appreciated
Infused Knowledge
Heresy Hunter
Acts of the Apostasy
St. Richard Youth Choir
Defend Us in Battle
Shoved to Them
The Night in Passing
The Crescat
Aprehendite Disciplinam
Romish Internet Graffiti
Aggie Catholics
Catholic Writer Chick
Catholic Faith and Reflections
Darwin Catholic
The Magdalene Sisters
Speramus: We Hope!
Sober Catholic
Blessed is the Kingdom
Catholic Deacon
St. Paul Athens Saturday Schola
Love in Ruins
Ten Reasons
Sunday Morning Soap Box
Abbot Cuthbert Johnson
My Wonderful Life
Chocolate For Your Brain
Gabriella's Blog free polls

Best Visual Treat
The Crescat
Cleansing Fire
Rome of the West
View From the Back Pew
Catholic Eye Candy
New Liturgical Movement
Sancte Pater
Abbey Roads
Thought Actioneire
The Lion and The Cardinal
Transalpine Redemptorists
Orbis Catholicus Secondus
Catholic Illustrator's Guild
Vitrearum's Church Art free polls

Best Spiritual Treat
Loved Sinner
Adoro Te Devote
Conversion Diary
The Recovering Choir Director
Sacra Domus Nazarena
Romasn Catholic Cop
Enlarging the Heart
Speramus: We Hope!
Sober Catholic
Live Holiness
Pray Tell
Idle Speculations
Courageous Priest
Why I Am Catholic
Ten Reasons
New Liturgical Movement
Sister Mary Magdalene
A Catholic Mom in Hawaii
Gabriella's Blog free polls

Most Bat Shit Crazy
Acts of the Apostasy
Lair of the Catholic Caveman
The Crescat ... YAY!
The Digital Hairshirt... BOO!
Belinda's Brain
Abbey Roads
The Catholic Round Up
Alive and Young free polls

Most Church Militant
Rorate Caeli
Acts of the Apostasy
Redneck Catholic
Thought Actioneire
Speramus: We Hope!
Cleansing Fire
Ten Reasons
That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill
Mulier Fortis
Blowing San
Gabriella's Blog free polls

Best Potpourri of Popery
Musings of a Pertinacious Papist
Wynken, Blynken and Nod
Aggie Catholics
Aliens in This World
Tea at Trianon
Mulier Fortis
The Hermeneutic of Continuity free polls

Snarkiest Catholic Blog
The Recovering Dissident Catholic
Acts of the Apostasy
Lair of the Catholic Caveman
The Curt Jester
Catholic Cartoon Blog
Gem of the Ocean free polls

Best Hifreakinlarious Blog
Belinda's Brain
Acts of the Apostasy
Creative Minority Report
The Crescat
Some Have Hats
Class Factotum
The Ironic Catholic
League of Bearded Catholics
Alive and Young
Catholic Cartoon Blog
Abbey Roads free polls

Best New Kid on the Block
Cleansing Fire
Incarnate Sensibilities
Heresy Hunter
Gun Lovin' Alaskan Catholic Club
Loyal Views
Garden of Holiness
The Octave Sphere
The Escape
Q at The Q Continuum
Defend Us in Battle
Faith, Fiction and Flannery
Who So Ever Desires
Why I am Catholic
Speramus: We Hope!
Drawn to Catholicism
Now is the Time
A Franciscan Abroad
Love in Ruins
Badger Catholic
Joes Sales Official Blog
Kissing the Leper
Libera Me
Death By Popcorn
Of Sound Mind and Spirit free polls

Blog That Needs to be Updated More Often
St. Monica's Kneelers
Peace and Pekoe
Heresy Hunter
Gun Lovin' Alaskan Catholic Club
Adventures of a CUA Student
LOL Saints
Laura the Crazy Mama
The Recovering Dissident Catholic
Dominican Liturgy Blog
B-Movie Catechism
Catholic Writer Chick
Stuff Catholics Like
Writer Philosopher
Church of the Masses
Daily Kraken
Sober Catholic
Our Lady's Tears
Catholic Beer Review
Father Joe
Sacra Domus Nazarena free polls


Jeff Geerling said...

Someday I'll find some time to update LOLSaints... I even want to start on a better design for the site. But who has the time??

Anonymous said...


Just another mad Catholic said...

Kat my dear

You're not going to get the Swiss Guard of your dreams if you refer to yourself as a lab monkey :)

Nod said...

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod has got some Popery.

Vote Potpourri! Vote for the little guy!

Terry Nelson said...

Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!Vote for Larry!

Larry Denninger said...

Thanks, Terry. Your indulgences are in the mail!

Nod said...

Terry, I will if you will.

How about I vote for Larry (Hifreakinlarious), you (Best Visual Treat) and you vote for Wynken, Blynken, and Nod (Potpourri) and Shoved to Them (Underappreciated)?

Whaddaya say?

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

I'm shocked I even got nominated on this "prestigious" blog...I'm not kidding.
That's enough for me.
I post when God inspires...otherwise I just cause havoc in the commboxes in other people's blogs:<)!
Oh, I love to do that...just ask CofA...she's given me the "irritable but spiritual" award:<)!

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

AND...not to influence any voters here, but I have actually gotten "deleted" at a very popular blog for my "irritable/spiritual" comments...
My impulsive nature and "big-mouth" lack of "nuance" gets me in trouble at times.
I'm part Irish, what can I say?

Vincenzo said...

Vote for Swissmiss - St. Monica's Kneeler for "Blog That Needs to be Updated More Often.."

Michelle Therese said...

Drats. I've never once been nominated. That's sad lol!

Mike said...

This contest is over. Give Cleansing Fire the $10,000!

3puddytats said...

Mad Catholic--

CONGRATS on your upcoming commission in the Royal Navy!! I've had the extreme pleasure of working on several occasions with the Royal Air Force, and not a finer bunch of gentlemen to find in this entire world... they even showed me how to drink darts and throw Guiness......errr... :)

The maintenance guys weren't real impressed with Prince Harry...although security-wise I'm sure the royals are a pain to be around..

Good luck!!


Adoro said...

So...I see I've been nominated as "Best Armchair Theologian", thanks to all who have voted for me! I be disqualified if I admit that, actually, in fact, I don't an armchair?

Because I don't have an armchair. I only have a computer desk (with a kitchen chair), a couch, and a rocker. But not an armchair.

I hope this technicality won't be a problem.

The Young Catholic said...

Fr. Christian Mathis said...

Cage match you say? I say it is more like the heavyweight championship of the world and Rocky should win....get out and vote!

And should you have trouble deciding, go with that priest at Blessed Is The Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

One of these days, I shall have to make my blog open to the public again, just so that I might be put into the category, 'Most Bat Shit Crazy'. What an awesome category!

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Raulito: If I actually posted all the bat-shit-crazy things that go on around here and that I actually'd all be putting me into a "rehab center" or the "Fourth Floor'(read psychiatric wing) of the local hospital...I'm not kidding.
Life without Jesus and His Church sucks...totally...even with Jesus and His Church, it sucks...but somehow we are purified and made holy.
I don't get it; but God does...He's the only Who counts here, I guess!

berenike said...

Fr Hunwicke is not a Catholic priest - you could at most put him in "best blog by a heretic" :)

Thales said...

o.k., I figure if I'm gonna vote, I oughta know something about the contenders (and yes, I am also this anal in November). I was delighted that you seemed to have links to them all, but can't find a link to Fr. Acervo's Corner. Can you help me out, Kat?

RMT said...

I like the best blog by a heretic category--I just don't want to cause a spike in their stats by visiting them to check out which is the best.

Terry Nelson said...

I voted once and that's it - this is as bad as fr. Z's polls - totally unscientific. I think fr. R is selling indulgences to get people to vote as often as they can for him. I'm disgusted.

No I'm not. But I do feel sorry about fr. Z being banned - there are other famous bloggers nominated better than him - why do they get in? I'm kidding.

No I'm not.

Just another mad Catholic said...

Nazareth priest

bat-crazy things happen where you are? I thought that all religious (apart from from the earth nutty kind) had their sense of humour surgically removed prior to pepetual profession of vows.

Unknown said...

Vote for me! Vote for me! Vote for me! I mean, where else will you find the Yanks Phil Hughes and a Papal Encyclical in one post...and have it all make sense?

Then when you're done voting for me, vote for Deacon Scott Dodge, cuz his blog is good and he's my friend. Plus I'll pay you.

Carlos Echevarria said...

With all due respect, how does one even get mentioned in the above categories?

My Papal blog is vastly superior to the bulk of those mentioned above...and I am a ferocious defender of the Bishop of Rome.

3puddytats said...

Nazareth Priest--

during our last Carmelite retreat we asked our retreat master--a good Carmelite friar-- what it was like living in the monastery...

He thought for a second and with his wonderful sense of humor said it was more like a frat house than anything....methinks Animal House comes to mind...

And he said everyone squabbles over washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom :)

My vision of calm kindly Friars in Friar Tuck habits praying and being sickingly kind toward one another was destroyed for life.. :)


Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Sara: You don't know the half of it:<)!

But we love one another and just try to "be good".

Like any other family.

And Just a mad Catholic: if the "sense of humor" thing gets removed prior to entering, he is "removed" from here.
St. Therese, as well as St. Teresa of Avila had wonderful senses of humor...good grief, if one didn't have this, you would go a day or two:<)!

Anonymous said...

Please Take My Avatar Off Your Website. And, Confess Your Calumny, and Rash Judgment. Shame On You. Perfect Contrition Is Required, For Mortal Sins. And, That IS What You Have Comitted Against Me.

Anonymous said...

My Avatar Is Cathlic Glasses. Remove My Avatar, And Your Sick Rash, And Untrue Comments, And INuendos About Me, Off Your Website. You have calumniated me.

Anonymous said...

Defamation, Libel, and Slander are against the rules of "Blogger" I have lodged a complaint under that category. You will be eating your own words. You are a liar. I'm calling you on it.

The Crescat said...

I'm sorry "Mom" but nominations for Most Bat Shit Crazy are closed.

Subvet said...

"Blowing San #1" as Most Church Militant? Wow! This is what I get from reading so much Hans Kung.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Is "Mom" havin' a bad day?
Or does she need her meds changed?
I'm serious here..good Lord!

Las Vegas Mama said...

There are a whole lot of really interesting blogs here. How do you guys find the time to read them all?

Terry Nelson said...

"I'm sorry "Mom" but nominations for Most Bat Shit Crazy are closed."

That's the funniest thing I have ever read!

Nod said...

Just thought I'd mention that those strange comments by "Mom" are NOT from our beloved "aka the Mom" of Shoved To Them fame.

The "Mom" account is clearly a spam account.

Vote for the REAL "aka the Mom" for Best Under Appreciated!!

Rebecca Frech said...

I would like to publicly state that I am not this crazy "Mom" person. I would like to take this moment to thank Nod for defensing my sacred honor. As a thank you, you should vote for him in Best Potpourri of Popery, and you should vote for me "SHoved to Them" in Best Underappreciated because this crazy person makes me angry by using y name like that.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might think that someone (Crescat) sees me swiftly catching up in the polls and this is a clever smear campaign. But I'm not that kind of person, so I won't say that about her....yet.

Anonymous said...

"This contest is over. Give Cleansing Fire the $10,000!"

LOL, Mike. I didn't know there was a cash prize. Would it be delivered in the form of an over-sized novelty check?

~Dr. K

Anonymous said...

Sorry to throw cold water, but there is doubt from reliable people that the blog "Ask Sister Mary Martha" is written by a real nun.

Terry Nelson said...

Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry!

Sherry said...

Damn, now I have to be profound and funny on purpose. Vote for underappreciated me at Chocolate For Your Brain!

Phil W said...

Friends, a vote for Brandywine Books is a vote for heresy. Viva la Revolution!

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Holy cow, I am just now reading the comments and "Mom's" reaction. Sad that her Blogger profile is private, as I would have loved to do a post on her.

Oh, and vote for The Digital Hairshirt as "Most Bat Shit Crazy." Terry, I would never stoop to selling indulgences. But if you have anyone, you know, you want "gone" . . . let me know, 'kay?

Tc said...

*spritzes gasoline"

Vote ME for Heretic.


TC said...

For "Blog by a Religious" please consider this a write-in for Fr Seraphim Beshoner, TOR of Catholic Under the Hood

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I can't believe Fr. Jake is in last place in the heresy department. I know of no blog that is more heretical while purporting to be Christian.

Terry Nelson said...

I just want to thank everyone who voted for Larry. I'm proud of the Catholic bloggers who support special needs people like this guy. He puts on such a brave front.