Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bishop suspends Fr. Pavone from Priests For Life...

... Please say a rosary for Fr. Frank Pavone and his organization this evening.

And Fr. Pavone's official statement in response.


Dan Hunter said...

The American Bishops are now going after the orthodox priests.
First it was Fr Corapi and now this.
Take the money and run seems to be the USCCB theme.

The Crescat said...

Fr. Corapi was in it for himself. Fr. Pavone sleeps in a one room apt with a single bed and eats at McDonald's as a luxury. Big difference.

Dan Hunter said...

Fr Corapi is absolutely not in it for himself.
He is in it to spread the Gospel message far and wide.
Fr Corapi was essential in myself and my wife's return to the Faith.

For what its worth, I have seen Fr Corapi's home and it is no bigger than 30 by 30 and most of that is a chapel.
I would not listen to the lies that SOLT threw around about FR.

These are both good and holy men who have been maltreated by the USCCB.

The Ironic Catholic said...

You know, just from my quick look at things--this situation is not very clear. But allow Priests for Life to be audited and be done with it. No problems, vindication. Problems, fix 'em. Done.

Smiley said...

lets just pray for both priests ok?

Just another mad Catholic said...

Several Points

1st- Father Pravone has not been accused of any wrongdoing per se.

2nd - The Bishop is quite within his rights restricts to restrict Fr Pavone's falcuties to the Diocese in which he is Incardated.

3rd - Fr Pavone in the spirit of humility whilst appealing to Rome is complying with the request of his Bishop.

4th Should God ask Fr Pavone to carry this cross of never working for the pro-life movement outside of the Diocese then I am sure that Fr Pavone will answer 'Servium'

5th it may be that Priests for Life has to find a new leader.

6th if this is a case of a Bishop acting like a total arsehole then he will have to answer to Jesus for it and not to us.

7th Bishop Zurek isn't do anything that is directly harming the Church, remember that God through the Church has called him and set him in authority.

8th Pray for both Fr. Pavone and Bishop Zurek

Jesse said...

Priests For Life IS audited every year by an independent auditing firm. Their rating for 2010 was outstanding. Check the PFL website to see details on this and also Fr. Frank's response. Something smells like my feet here...Cdnl. Spellman had a similar avarice for Bshp. Sheen and provided a big ol' cross for him to carry. Guess Bshp. Sheen can kinda thank Spellman for helping to develop his sanctity.

Lydia McGrew said...

Actually, if the Bishop _is_ doing this without any good grounds for thinking that Fr. Pavone has done something wrong but just as an unjustified fishing expedition, and if he is preventing an able and good leader of a valuable organization from doing a job that he had previously given that leader permission to do, then the Bishop _is_ "doing something that is harming the church." To say that he has been "set in authority" isn't to say that he's using that authority correctly.

I speak as a Protestant here, but as far as I know the above comments are true from a Catholic perspective as well.

The real test of the pudding will be if there is another audit and no financial improprieties are turned up and the Bishop doesn't apologize or even keeps on preventing Fr. Pavone from working for PFL again. That would make it pretty clear that this is an unjustified persecution.

Christie said...

I am in the Diocese of Amarillo, so let me just say, having been under his authority personally, Bishop Zurek is one of the good guys. Priests for Life came to our diocese under Bishop Yanta--one of the few pro-life bishops at the time. Bishop Zurek has taken up the reigns here and this might just be a matter of clarifying how Priests for Life comes under his authority. So far everyone is behaving appropriately while the kinks get worked out. Let's just hope and pray it's nothing more.

Terry Nelson said...

I think Kat and Christie have it right. This isn't a scandal - in fact I wouldn't be surprised if Fr. Pavone and Priest's For Life is promoted to some sort of Personal Prelature or something like a stand alone association of the faithful.